Rating Calculation Methodology

Purpose: The most possibly objective evaluation of private opinions of ForexAwards.org visitors at the moment.

Reviews of ForexAwards.org visitors are subjective and should be based on personal experience. The level of service in this case is determined by emotional impression of communication with the exchange or company and the degree of compliance/non-compliance of services with the stated conditions (the content of the stated conditions of products and services in the level of service is not considered). Bare in mind that reviews lose their relevance with the passage of time.

The basic principles of calculating the "People's Rating"

The basis of formation of the People's Rating is the traditional calculation of the arithmetic meaning of all the credited votes of visitors, the total number of credited votes for the exchange / company and the number of falsified reviews for the exchange / company.

- the formula is based on calculating the arithmetic average of the counted points;

- the total number of counted votes for a particular exchange or company is taken into account with the help of the following evaluation formula.

Final score = (credited * k1 + responses * k2 + resolved * k3) * score * kS;